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Menggunakan Zoho Creator untuk pelatihan software

How Zoho Creator found its way into a Business School Curriculum : A Success Story Oct 04 2011 08:45:00 AM Posted By : Aparna Comments (3) Time and again, businesses from varied backgrounds deploy customized Zoho Creator applications for their varied needs. While it is easy to imagine a few run-of-the-mill applications which can come in handy, the truly creative and innovative use cases that our users come up with never cease to amaze us. We take pride in showcasing such ingenious Zoho Creator applications built by some of our enthusiastic users. Today we are here with yet another usergroup that has taken the usability of Zoho Creator to an altogether different level. The Insti: IIT Kharagpur is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in India. Offering a plethora of courses in graduate, post graduate, management and doctoral studies, being an IIT-ian is every student’s dream. VGSOM is IIT Kharagpur’s B School. It is one of the top ra

Versi terbaru MariaDB

The MariaDB project would like to announce the availability of MariaDB 5.3.2-beta, the latest addition to our growing lineup of supported software. MariaDB 5.3.2-beta is a bug-fix update to the previous 5.3.1 and 5.3.0 betas. == About MariaDB 5.3 The MariaDB 5.3 series introduces many new features, includes MariaDB 5.2, and is based on MySQL 5.1. Some highlights of new features in MariaDB 5.3 include: - subquery optimizations that finally make subqueries usable - many optimizer changes, including Classic Hash Join, Batched Key Access, a new implementation of Multi-Range-Read optimizations as well as Index Condition Pushdown - NoSQL-style interfaces via the HandlerSocket plugin as well as dynamic columns - group commit in XtraDB when the binary log is enabled - Microsoft Windows performance improvements These are just some of the highlights, and for a more complete list of changes, please read the What is MariaDB 5.3 page: == About Mari

Fixing Indonesian Education's Poor Scores

Bruce Gale - Straits Times Indonesia | October 07, 2011  Indonesia ranks 61st out of 65 countries when it comes to 15-year-olds' proficiency in mathematics. Their reading skills are a little better, with teenagers in only seven countries performing worse. (JG Photo/ Yudhi Sukma Wijaya) Indonesia ranks 61st out of 65 countries when it comes to 15-year-olds' proficiency in mathematics. Their reading skills are a little better, with teenagers in only seven countries performing worse. This is the conclusion of a study carried out in 2009 by the Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa) and coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Why are Indonesian youngsters so far behind? Some observers believe the problem arises from a lack of sufficient funding for education. Others blame it on a corrupt and poorly designed national examination system. These are certainly contributing factors. An equally serious problem may be the education system'

10 Kalimat Inspiratif Sang Jenius

Santi Dwi Jayanti : detikInet detikcom - Jakarta, Sosok legendaris di ranah teknologi, Steve Jobs, telah meninggal dunia di usianya yang ke-56. Akan tetapi, jejak kesuksesannya tidak akan pernah dilupakan. Kesuksesan yang ia raih bersama Apple ini tidak luput dari cara Jobs memandang kehidupan serta bisnis yang ia jalani. Ia pun sering berbagi kalimat penuh inspirasi. Berikut beberapa di antaranya: "Sangat sulit membuat desain sebuah produk. Kerap kali orang-orang tidak mengetahui apa yang mereka inginkan, sampai kita menunjukkannya pada mereka". (BussinessWeak, 1998). "Ini adalah salah satu mantra saya - fokus dan kesederhanaan. Kamu harus berkerja lebih keras untuk menjernihkan pikiran dan menghasilkan kesederhanaan. Pada akhirnya hal ini akan setimpal. Saat kamu tiba di sana, kamu bisa memindahkan gunung". (BusinessWeek, 1998). "Menjadi orang terkaya di pemakaman tidak berarti bagi saya...Pergi ke tempat tidur dan mengatakan bahwa kami telah melakukan sesua

AETNA , AETHRA & AVTHRA Interactive Kiosk - Okt 2011

AETNA , AETHRA & AVTHRA Interactive Kiosks Ready Stock : == Chassis Box / Kiosks == -1) AETNA-5.6 (incl. LCD + TS 15.6") = $ 1000,- -2) AETNA-7 (incl. LCD + TS 17") = $ 1150,- -3) AVTHRA-7w ( incl. LCD + TS 17"wide) = $ 1550,- ( Vertical View ) -4) AETHRA-7 ( incl. LCD + TS 17") = $ 1500,- ( Slim Kiosks ) -5) AETNA-9 (incl. LCD + TS 19") = $ 1550,- -6) AETNA-23 (incl. ALL IN ONE PC 23") = $ 1850,- Bahan Black Galvanis cover, sdh termasuk Speaker, Power Cord, Exhaust fan Applications & Function - Queue Machine / Ticketing - Point of Sales / Data Entry - Banking & Financial Institution - Building, Mall & Public Information - Showroom / Gallery / Museum - Restaurant Menu / - Product Information & Promotion - Children Education / Training - Internet Station / Simulation - Industrial & Machine Control - e-HRD / Employee Self Service much more . . . . . . . Custom/Special Design WELCOME!! Interactive Kiosks HOTLIN

[Results] Higher Ed CMS Usage - 2010

At the end of February, .eduGuru set out to begin another round of research on a trend in higher ed web development. This time, we took a look at the CMSs being used from school to school. Which CMS to use for a university is a question that lingers in forums and on mailing lists frequently, and it’s our hope that you will find the following information helpful in deciding which system will be best for you. Additionally, we’ll be following up with a series of guest articles over the next couple months that will discuss their experience using the top CMSs from this list for their school’s web site. This post will be fairly long in order to review all the data. If you want, you can download the data now and review it on your own (this data has been edited to provide anonymity to the contributors. Additionally, this research is released under a by-sa Creative Commons 3.0 License . It is provided as a zip file with .xls, .pdf, .csv, and .ods formats for your convenience). The

Choosing the Right CMS for Your Higher Education Institution

Jun. 03, 2010 Under: Higher Education With education budgets getting tighter and tighter, and the number of responsibilities and possibilities available for university web departments growing, the typical work load for higher education web professionals has dramatically increased over the last few years, and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. On top of that, the newer applications like mobile web marketing and social media are continuing to become more popular and education websites are under more pressure than ever to compete. Most universities know that to stay competitive on the web today, an institution needs a dynamic website with significant social media functionality to ensure that your website is up-to-date, that your content is fresh, and that you provide web-savvy students the information they need in a format they like and recognize. More often than not, the answer to getting your website to the level it needs to be a

10 most common security vulnerabilities in web applications

Problem A1: Unvalidated Input How Plone handles this: All input in Plone is validated, and the framework makes sure you can never input data that is not of the required type. This is probably the number one reason why Plone sites — even when deployed and developed by people new to web security — are not compromised. Problem A2: Broken Access Control How Plone handles this: Plone is based on the well-proven (7 years in production), flexible and granular ACL/roles-based security model of Zope. In addition, Plone utilizes an innovative workflow-based approach to security, which means that end-users never see or modify the security settings — they only work with security presets that have been supplied to them by the developers of the application. This greatly reduces the possibility of misconfigured security settings. Problem A3: Broken Authentication and Session Management How Plone handles this: Plone authenticates users in its own database using a SHA-1 hash of the