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Kami mengucapkan terima kasih untuk para peserta APTIKNAS CYBER SECURITY CHAPTER VIRTUAL EVENT 1 yang telah dilakukan pada tanggal 29 Apr 2020. Berikut adalah tampilan pada waktu kegiatan tersebut. Untuk yang belum bisa ikut, jangan kuatir masih ada 3 slot Virtual Event lagi pada tanggal 6 Mei, 13 Mei dan 20 Mei. Berikut adalah event APTIKNAS CYBERSECURITY CHAPTER 6 MEI 2020  Kali ini akan membahas : - Arif Budiman Bastian - Halodata Indonesia - Cybersecurity for Mobile Application"  - Vicky Averill - Sysware Indonesia : Secure Access for Protect Your Business - Suleman - Prospera :  Securing Remote Workforce - PAT (Part 1) Seminar FREE dan mendapatkan e-Sertifikat Please register at or

Magic Quadrant untuk Solusi Meeting

Meeting solutions blend communications, collaboration and content sharing to enable informal and formal meetings anywhere. Along with its Critical Capabilities companion, this research will help application leaders for meeting solutions find the vendors best suited to their needs. Strategic Planning Assumptions By 2022, 40% of formal meetings will be facilitated by virtual concierges and advanced analytics. By 2024, remote work and changing workforce demographics will impact enterprise meetings so that only 25% will take place in person, down from 60% today. Market Definition/Description Meeting solutions are collaboration tools that support interactions between participants for daily teamwork, presentations, training and webinars. Enterprise offerings in this market perform equally well for users in meeting spaces, at their desks or when mobile, with integrated voice, video, messaging and content sharing. Organizations with complex needs typically use separate meeting