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Thermal Mapping for Data Centers

Thermography refers to the use of a thermal imaging device to detect the radiated heat from an object or hot spots in the data center. Thermography has been around for some time and usually in the security industry, the medical industry, and military applications.  Thermography detects heat and converts it into an image that you can see. This technology is now being employed in data centers. Thermography ensures that various equipment in a facility is running at normal operational temperatures. It also detects abnormal heat patterns that may show issues in the data center airflow. Thermal Mapping Technology PHOTO CREDIT: WWW.BLUESKY-WORLD.COM Thermography is used in various applications and industries, including the following: Building diagnostics Chemical imaging Earth science imaging Electrical system monitoring Fluid system monitoring Law enforcement and security imaging Machine condition monitoring Medical imaging, which is often used to diagnose diseases There are many types of in