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AKCP digunakan untuk monitoring Data Center

AKCP distributor, MESOFT Business Solutions formally Al Jallaf Computers L.L.C worked together with the Canadian University of Dubai to install a security and environmental monitoring system for their data center and audio visual infrastructure. The Canadian University of Dubai was founded in 2006 and is located in the heart of Dubai’s downtown district. Their academic programs are based on the Canadian curriculum and offer a wide variety of courses including engineering, applied sciences and technology. CUD’s facilities in Dubai lacked adequate security to monitor smoke and door open events. CUD wanted to monitor their environmental and power infrastructure within their server and audio visual infrastructure room. Using AKCP equipment, Al Jallaf Computers L.L.C designed a complete system solution for CUD, solving their security, power and environmental monitoring issues. CUD’s four rack installation included AKCP Temperature and Humidity Sensors to monitor the climate of each

Monitoring AKCP Sensor Temperature dan Humidity dengan Nagios

Integrate AKCP sensorProbe devices with Nagios® XI™ 5 to be alerted when temperature, humidity, or other environmental variables exceed specific thresholds. In this example, we’ll demonstrate how to monitor AKCP Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensors connected to the AKCP sensorProbe platform. All of AKCP’s Intelligent Sensors connect using plug and play RJ45 connectors and can be monitored from Nagios using similar steps. For more information on other sensors please contact our support team. Prerequisites for monitoring a sensorProbe device via SNMP Traps in Nagios XI 5 It is possible to monitor the AKCP sensorProbe actively OR passively within Nagios XI 5. This integration guide assumes that you have already set up your Nagios XI 5 system to receive SNMP traps. If you have not already configured Nagios to receive SNMP traps use the following guides provided by Nagios. Integrating SNMP Traps with Nagios XI  Step 1 : Download the AKCP MIB for use within Nagios XI Mon