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Membuat Bahan Ajar Interaktif dengan Aplikasi CourseLab 2.4

Aplikasi Courselab 2.4 merupakan aplikasi gratis yang bisa kita gunakan untuk membuat bahan ajar. Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini kita bisa membuat sebuah bahan ajar yang nantinya bisa di integrasikan dengan Learning Management System berbasis web. Penggunaan aplikasi CourseLab 2.4 hampir sama dengan penggunaan aplikasi Microsoft Powerpoint, sehingga para pengajar yang sudah terbiasa membuat bahan ajar menggunakan Microsoft Powerpoint tidak akan menemukan kesulitan di dalam pembuatan bahan ajar menggunakan CourseLan 2.4 ini. Beberapa keunggulan aplikasi CourseLab 2.4 diantaranya : 1. Free 2. Menu dan navigasi yang mudah 3. Layput aplikasi sama dengan powerpoint 4. Hasil export bisa dalam bentuk Scoorm 1.2 5. Banyak template yang sudah di sediakan 6. Banyak object yang bisa di tambahkan 7. Bisa langsung di tambahkan soal interaktif di dalamnya 8. Hasil export-nya dalam bentuk web Untuk memulai menggunakan aplikasi ini kita bisa mendownloadnya di http://www.coursel

kiosk mode and remote monitoring software for the Android OS

Pretty exciting news from KioWare headquarters! We've forayed into providing kiosk mode and remote monitoring software for the Android OS (more info here: ). There are currently two new products: KioWare Lite for Android and KioWare Full with Server for Android. Both products work similarly to how their namesakes work with the Windows OS. Specifically, KioWare Lite for Android features include: Protect the Home Screen/Launcher - restricts user access from the OS and Home Screen Browser Lockdown - limits the websites users can access through allow or revoke lists Limit Android Apps - allows you to control which Android Apps a user can run Application Resetting - clears the previous user session, including cookies and cache, and returns to the start page after a specified period of idle time Learn more and download a free trial here: . As for the KioWare Full with Server for Android pro

Microsoft's new open source initiative

By Jack Wallen | April 16, 2012, 8:24 AM PDT It's way past April Fools, so this is not a trick. on April 12 Microsoft announced they were folding their Interoperability Strategy Team into a brand new subsidiary called Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. The new team is headed by Jean Paoli and will consist of about fifty to seventy-five full and part-time employees. Their goal? To facilitate Microsoft's relationships with the open-source community and developers. This will make it faster and easier for Microsoft to engage with and help open source programs and teams. There will be those out there that scoff at the idea and even don their conspiratorial hats. I, for one, believe this is an honest effort on Microsoft's part to help bridge the communities. Why? Well, honestly, for them I'm sure it's about the bottom line. Whether you believe it or not, open source has become an integral part of every day life for the vast majority of computer users on the planet. Apache,