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Site24x7 ticketing integration. Site24x7 is now tightly integrated with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand . With this integration in place, any down/trouble alerts in your Site24x7 account will automatically convert as tickets in your SDP On-Demand portal based on the selection made during the set up. And when incidents are resolved inside the Site24x7 control panel, tickets are automatically closed within the SDP portal. You can also execute this remotely. The integration also allows you to track and manage IT tickets efficiently by designating them to technicians, resolve issues much faster and thereby increasing the productivity of your IT staff ensuring end user satisfaction.

Perlu visualisasi DATA CENTER anda ? Gunakan RACK BUILDER

What is RackBuilder Plus? ManageEngine RackBuilder Plus is a data center visualization software that lets you create a virtual representation of your data center floors and racks in 3D, and manage its space and capacity for better performance. The dynamic 3D view shows the live health status of devices in each rack. Any fault or performance problem is alerted using color codes and clicking on the faulty device takes you to the particular device The designed data center floors can be embedded into your NOC screens & monitored 24x7. You can also access these 3D data centers from anywhere, anytime using iPad and other tablets. 3D data center floor RackBuilder Plus helps you to create realistic 3D data center floors populated with racks. You can also add aisles, walls and walk paths in 3D floor view. RackBuilder Plus also allows you to customize the floor size, background color & tile color to suit your needs. These 3D floor views can be embedded into your NOC screens &a

Menkominfo: Akses Internet cepat akan dukung pertumbuhan ekonomi nasional

Jakarta –  Proyek Palapa Ring tengah berjalan saat ini. Terkait hal tersebut, Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika  Rudiantara  berharap agar proyek bisa terus menggenjot perekonomian nasional lewat berbagai sektor. “Proyek sudah berjalan hingga 2019, nantinya Indonesia akan terhubung dengan internet melalui proyek Palapa Ring,” katanya seperti dilansir situs resmi  Kominfo . Menurutnya, jika internet tidak bisa terhubung secara merata, maka ada ketimpangan di berbagai sektor ekonomi. Internet yang lebih cepat akan mendukung perekonomian digital termasuk di sektor pariwisata. “Proyek Palapa Ring adalah bentuk keseriusan pemerintah dalam mendorong akses internet yang lebih cepat dan merata…” “Kecepatan internet kita sangat lemot,” kata Rudiantara lagi. Memang, kecepatan internet di Papua hanya pada sampai 300 Kbps, sangat jauh dengan Jakarta yang berada di peringkat kedua ASEAN. Rudiantara pun menegaskan bahwa akselerasi dan pemerataan pembangunan pun sangat

Mencari Problem Koneksi Internet dengan PRTG

Gotcha! Hunting for Critical Internet Issues (and Pokemons) Your business relies heavily on the Internet, and increasingly on cloud-based services in the Internet. And while you rely on  PRTG Network Monitor  as a great tool for discovering issues in your internal IT infrastructure, we want to make sure you're also aware of what PRTG offers for detecting issues in the public Internet. Because we understand how frustrating it is when you can't connect to an important server for, like, an entire weekend. Current status of Pok√©mon GO server Status from the last 2 days In version 15.1.14 we released two cloud sensors:  Cloud HTTP  and  Cloud Ping . These two sensors let you test the connection to a web server from various locations around the world, either by ping or by HTTP(S) requests. Just create one of these sensors, enter the URL you'd like to test, and let PRTG monitor connectivity from the following locations to that URL: Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Semakin banyak SME yang menggunakan PRTG

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is an analyst firm with a strong focus on IT and data management. In his new report "Network Management Megatrends 2016" EMA's infrastructure management specialist Shamus McGillicuddy analyzes the influence of current technologies such as Internet of Things or Hybrid Cloud on today's network management, based on a survey with IT professionals from 150 enterprises. Since most of our customers are SME we asked McGillicuddy to create a white paper based on his report, with a special focus on the special requirements of small and midsize enterprises. Executive Summary Network managers at small and medium enterprises face many of the same challenges that their counterparts at large enterprises face, plus a few of their own. For instance, networking professionals at smaller companies often operate enterprise-grade technologies with fewer resources and smaller budgets. Therefore, these individuals need network

Food Trucks Sensor for PRTG

Food Trucks Sensor for PRTG For those who follow us on  Social Media  or have visited our  Career  page, it may come as no surprise: we at Paessler love food. And since we moved into our new  headquarters , we've got a new way to enjoy even more food: Food Trucks! It seemed only appropriate to combine this passion with PRTG. And so, we proudly present: The Food Trucks Sensor. Simply said: It shows if and when there are any Food Trucks near your building (sorry, it only works in Germany at the moment).  Foodtruck Sensor You can download it  here . Manual This is how it works:  1) Copy Foodtruck.exe to the folder Custom Sensors\exexml  2) Open  Google Maps  and enter the area you want to check for Food Trucks 3.) Right-click, then choose "What's here?"  4.) Copy your GPS coordinates   5.) Add the sensor to PRTG   6.) Enter your settings   That's all! :-) From now on you'll know