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EVALUATING THE DISTRIBUTED DATA CENTER ARCHITECTURE Published on 19th December 2014  by Vinay Rathore Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print I was recently visiting Hong Kong, and as I was going through an industrial district in Kowloon I noticed the construction of a few enormous non-descript buildings, with very few windows. It got me wondering was this some sort of penitentiary or secretive government building? Then I noticed that there was not enough barbed wire to be a jail nor any visual indication to be a secretive government facility. Fortunately, a quick search on cell phone GPS maps advised that it was just another large data center. While there has been a strong trend toward creating bigger and more powerful centralized data centers to meet end user needs, there has been another, less notable, trend toward pushing the data center closer to end users for the same reason. Large data centers create efficiency t