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Apa beda data center dan cloud ?

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3 Hal penting di ruang server anda

Dalam beberapa kesempatan, saya mengunjungi para perusahaan pemilik usaha data center di Jakarta dan sekitarnya, dan selalu ada 3 hal yang harus menjadi perhatian utama mereka.


Di area ruang server atau data center, baik ukuran skala kecil hingga besar, tegangan tentu akan menjadi hal penting. Tegangan yang stabil menjadi syarat agar perangkat bisa berjalan normal.
Tegangan yang stabil umumnya memperhatikan ketersediaan UPS. Perangkat UPS sekarang telah sangat canggih dan dilengkapi dengan stabiliser, harmonizer dan beragam teknologi lainnya. Tapi pastikanlah bahwa perangkat UPS anda memiliki kemampuan monitoring, terutama dengan SNMP.

Dengan adanya kemampuan monitoring melalui SNMP, maka informasi tegangan dan parameter lain dari UPS dapat dipantau dengan mudah. Ada beberapa UPS yang mengharuskan menggunakan program aplikasi dari mereka sendiri, tapi sangat disarankan memiliki UPS yang memiliki keterbukaan protokol dan umumnya menggunakan SNMP atau ModBus.

Baik SNMP dan Modbu…

How to benefit from the same network structure used by social media giants

How to benefit from the same network structure used by social media giants by  | Jun 12, 2017 | Cumulus NetworksNetworkingProduct NewsTools & Tutorials | 0 comments
If you’ve heard the buzz in the networking world lately, or if you’ve been paying attention to the back-to-back launches by Cumulus Networks as of late, then you’ve probably heard the term, “web-scale networking.” But what does that actually mean? The term web-scale networking is inspired by data center giants like Facebook and Google. The industry looked at data centers like theirs and asked, “what are they doing that we can mimic at a smaller scale?” By analyzing these organizations and the benefits they receive from their tactics, the term “web-scale” was born. Essentially, web-scale refers to the hyperscale website companies that have built private, efficient and scalable cloud environments. Web-scale networking: a definition Web-scale networking is simply a modern architectural approach to …

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Pertimbangkan Fungsi Utama DCIM

Key DCIM Functionality ConsiderationsBY  - JUNE 7, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT The ecosystem of the data center has many potential points to monitor. Share3 Tweet3 Share

5 Hal yang harus diperhatikan dalam desain Airflow Containment

5 Key Considerations for Airflow Containment DesignBY  - JUNE 8, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT By implementing an effective airflow containment strategy, it is possible to see optimized cooling system efficiency, improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and additional equipment capacity, all without having to expand a facility’s footprint. (Photo: Simplex) Share16 Tweet14 Share

What's the maximum temperature of your server room?

Server room temperature is one of the most important metrics in any data center environment. Keeping computer equipment at a consistent temperature and humidity point is a critical part of a facility manager's job, and there is a long list of necessary tools that can assist in this endeavor. That being said, it's incredibly important for data center managers to stay informed of the guidelines they should be following in keeping their facilities in tip-top shape. A disparity of one or two degrees in either direction may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference in the long run. What is the maximum temperature a server room can comfortably operate at? What is the minimum? The answers to these questions will give IT managers an idea of the accepted range at which they can keep their facilities. Baseline standards The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the body that governs the standard for the accepted air temperature…