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Pertimbangkan Fungsi Utama DCIM

Key DCIM Functionality ConsiderationsBY  - JUNE 7, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT The ecosystem of the data center has many potential points to monitor. Share3 Tweet3 Share

5 Hal yang harus diperhatikan dalam desain Airflow Containment

5 Key Considerations for Airflow Containment DesignBY  - JUNE 8, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT By implementing an effective airflow containment strategy, it is possible to see optimized cooling system efficiency, improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and additional equipment capacity, all without having to expand a facility’s footprint. (Photo: Simplex) Share16 Tweet14 Share

What's the maximum temperature of your server room?

Server room temperature is one of the most important metrics in any data center environment. Keeping computer equipment at a consistent temperature and humidity point is a critical part of a facility manager's job, and there is a long list of necessary tools that can assist in this endeavor. That being said, it's incredibly important for data center managers to stay informed of the guidelines they should be following in keeping their facilities in tip-top shape. A disparity of one or two degrees in either direction may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference in the long run. What is the maximum temperature a server room can comfortably operate at? What is the minimum? The answers to these questions will give IT managers an idea of the accepted range at which they can keep their facilities. Baseline standards The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is the body that governs the standard for the accepted air temperature…

AKCP SPC+ solusi power monitoring Rack Anda

AKCP baru saja merelease solusi terbaru mereka, yaitu Power Monitoring. Dalam solusi Power Monitoring ini menggunakan Smart Power Controller (SPC+) dan Power Strip (PS+).

SPC+ dapat digunakan pada existing power strip / PDU dan ini sangat sesuai karena :

Tersedia opsi dalam bentuk 1U (horisontal) atau 0U (vertical) dipasang di rak.Dapat digunakan sebagai monitoring 8 rack dengan menggunakan Basic Expansion Bus (BEB).Memiliki kemampuan Power switching sehingga dapat digunakan untuk mematikan power di rak terkait dengan adanya bahaya Fire atau UPS yang kehabisan daya.Dapat dipasang Thermal map sensors untuk memonitor titik panas dalam rak (hotspots)Suhu dan tegangan digunakan untuk melakukan pengaturan yang tepat mencapai optimal pembacaan PUE
Dengan mudah AKCP SPC+ dimasukkan ke dalam existing Rak. Tinggal memilih type yang 1U atau 0U.

Type 1U

Type 0U.
SPC+ juga digunakan dalam kombinasi hingga 8 rak dengan menggunakan BEB.

Dan tinggal menambahkan jenis sensor lain dari AKCP untuk melen…

Data centres decline as users turn to rented servers (cloud)

Credit: LinkedIn Data centers are declining worldwide both in numbers and square footage, according to IDC -- a remarkable change for an industry that has seen booming growth for many years. Users are consolidating data centers and increasingly renting server power. These two trends are having a major impact on data center space. The number of data centers worldwide peaked at 8.55 million in 2015, according to IDC. That figure began declining last year, and is expected to drop to an expected 8.4 million this year. By 2021, the research firm expects there to be 7.2 million data centers globally, more than 15% fewer than in 2015. The global square footage of data centers, after recent boom times, is also expected to slide. In 2013, data centers totalled 1.6 billion square feet. That was when big service providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google were building huge data center complexes -- pushing square footage globally to 1.8 billion this year. But IDC expects that number to decline f…

Green Data Center Design and Build Strategies - 8

Green Data Center Design and Build StrategiesBy .Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Cisco Press.Date: Aug 12, 2009. SaveDiggDel.icio.usPrint Chapter Information ContentsSiting the Data CenterBuilding Design and Material SelectionData Center ConfigurationLandscapingStrategies for a Greener Construction SiteBuilding CommissioningRetrofitting an Existing Data CenterSummary Chapter Description This chapter discusses methods for limiting the environmental impact that occurs during the construction of a Data Center through decisions concerning physical location, choice of building materials, landscaping choices and jobsite construction practices. From the BookGrow a Greener Data Center $41.59 (Save 20%) Summary When evaluating a potential Data Center site, consider local factors including electrical mix, weather conditions, building codes, and work-force proximity because each of these influence how green your facility can be. Durable building materials need replacement less …