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Bagaimana membuat data center green untuk Universitas

By  Sharon Florentine  / Source:  CIO  /  April 13, 2015 Next Article Use ← → Keys To Navigate A+  A- To say that University of Cambridge deployed disparate and diverse data storage and data center infrastructure would be a vast understatement. In a 2013 IT review, data center manager Ian Tasker and his team discovered almost 200 servers across the University’s 120 departments. These installations ranged from single servers housed in closets to larger rooms containing 20 to 30 servers, but all contributing to a major drain on power and cooling resources, as well as creating one heck of a management headache. “Our IT review is a periodic way for us to look at how we’re carrying out the responsibilities of IT, and how to best align IT with the work of the university. What we found was everything was fragmented and each department was doing their own thing when it came to provisioning, storage and management. Where we had a small number of racks, they weren’t pow