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Apa kegunaan GPL dan free software untuk bisnis?

GPL and free software licensing: What's in it for business? By Richard Hillesley | June 15, 2012, 9:31 AM PDT  Copyleft or free software licensing helps ensure open standards and the continuity of the code. Photo: Shutterstock For a variety of reasons business is often seen as antipathetic to copyleft licensing. The GPL - the GNU General Public License - the most popular copyleft licence, sometimes gets a hostile press, often for reasons that don't reflect its real and positive effects. Arguments about the pros and cons of copyleft and permissive licensing go back a long way. A permissive licence is as it says, and allows the user to copy, repackage, sell, or change the code in any way the user likes, as long as some form of attribution is given. A copyleft licence, such as the GPL, gives similar rights but ensures reciprocity by obliging those who distribute the code to pass on the same rights to others, unimpaired, which by definition includes giving access to the source cod

Apakah edukasi mempengaruhi karir menjadi direktur?

How education impacts the journey to CIO By Scott Lowe | May 29, 2012, 5:58 AM PDT I'm often asked what classes are important to take in high school and college in order to achieve a reasonable level of success in IT management.  For me, this is an easy answer, but before I unveil it, let me provide some context around my answer.  For me, there is one specific class with a specific teacher that I feel was the most important class I took when I was in school. Obviously, an IT management career requires a broad education.  CIOs and IT Directors need to understand technology to a point at which they can make good decisions regarding direction or at least understand enough so that they can put into action the plans from their staff members and link these plans to business goals.  In this context, it's important to have a reasonable technical education, although it's possible to pick up what's necessary in on-the-job efforts, too.  Personally, my degree is in Computer Scienc

10 Trend Infrastructure menurut Gartner

Gartner: Top 10 Emerging Infrastructure Trends Added 6th Jun 2012 Ellen Messmer Gartner kicked off its Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit here today with a "top 10" list of the most significant emerging trends that will impact data centers and information technology used by businesses and government from now into the next four or five years. The list was presented by Gartner Chief of Research Dave Cappuccio in a keynote address, in which he explained there's often a cascading effect as one trend such as employee mobile devices and cloud use affects others such as helpdesk operations. MORE: Gartner: 10 key IT trends for 2012 The Top Ten Trends are: 1. Consumerization and the tablet: Widespread use of tablets, such as the iPad, and other mobile devices in business isn't seen as replacing the traditional computer desktop entirely, but the tablets trend will bring about "more specific applications to do specific things," Cappuccio

Hemat via Internet

Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono mengajak bangsa Indonesia berhemat, beberapa hari silam. SBYmemang menekankan soal menghemat anggaran belanja lewat kebijakan terkait BBM dan energi – khususnya bagi para pegawai pemerintah dan BUMN. Namun, terkait usaha menghemat kocek pemerintah itu, sebenarnya salah satu upaya lain yang penting dan mendesak untuk digalakkan adalah pemanfaatan teknologi Internet secara lebih efektif dan efisien. Sejauh ini memang sudah ada beberapa kegiatan pemerintah dengan menggunakan teknologi Internet. Selain surat elektronik (surel) alias e-mail dan penayangan 'brochure-ware' melalui berbagai situs kantor pemerintahan dan BUMN, syukurlah sudah ada program e-procurementatau pun e-government. Tetapi banyak hal masih perlu ditingkatkan penggunaannya. Misalnya, para pengambil keputusan tidak mesti melakukan rapat secara tatap-muka dalam setiap rapat kerja – kecuali ketika masalah yang dihadapi demikian pelik sehingga memerlukan kehadiran semua piha