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Gunakan cara tepat utk DCIM Anda

EXTENDING DCIM TO FILL TODAY’S DATA CENTER CAPACITY APPETITE Can a smarter approach to capacity management help organizations avoid unnecessary expenditure? 23 June 2014  by CA Technologies SVP software engineering and DCIM evangelist Dhesi Ananchaperumal Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print Dhesi Ananchaperumal “Please Sir, can I have some more?” It’s a classic line from a classic book. And it’s just as relevant to a 21st century data center as it was to a 19th century workhouse. Everyone has an appetite for more when it comes to the data center. The business wants more compute resource. The IT department wants more rack space and the facilities team wants more power. To satisfy this constant hunger, many organizations end up embarking on costly data center expansions and constructions. But this could all be about to change. A leading analyst firm has found that large enterprises with definitive str

25 Penyedia / Produk Private Cloud

25 Private Cloud Computing Vendors to Consider Related Terms cloud private cloud private cloud storage private cloud project cloud computing (the cloud) Red Hat Cloud Computing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - Amazon VPC vertical cloud computing cloud portability cloud computing reseller Updated June 06, 2014 / Posted December 13, 2012 Building a  private cloud  is often the first step in cloud computing for many organizations. A private cloud is designed to offer the same features and benefits of public cloud systems, but removes a number of objections to the cloud computing model because it is implemented within the corporate firewall under the control of the IT department. 25 Private Cloud Vendors to Consider Many major vendors and small cloud providers have a private cloud offering that is available for on-premises deployment or available as a secure hosted offering (" managed cloud services "). Here's a list of 30 vendors, platfo

Mengapa private cloud?

private cloud project Related Terms cloud private cloud private cloud storage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - Amazon VPC hybrid cloud Red Hat Cloud Computing Private PAD cloud portability public cloud hybrid cloud storage Companies initiate  private cloud  projects to enable their IT infrastructure to become more capable of quickly adapting to continually evolving business needs and requirements. Private cloud projects can also be connected to  public clouds  to create hybrid clouds . Unlike a public cloud, a private cloud project remains within the corporate  firewall  and under the control on the company’s IT department. As a result, a private cloud provides more control over the company’s data, and it ensures security, albeit with greater potential risk for data loss due to natural disaster. Launching a private cloud project involves analyzing the need for a private cloud, formulating a plan for how to create a private cloud, developing cloud policie

Apasih Virtual DataCenter Model ?

The Virtual Datacenter Model Explained There are many tools and technologies that make a virtual datacenter run. Here are a few of the major layers firms will have in their virtual set up. Understanding the model of a virtual datacenter is often explained by textbooks and online instructional manuals as being a stack with layers that lie on top of each other. These layers are dependent upon one another in order for the virtual datacenter to work properly. Virtual datacenters abstract each of these resources into a pool that can be used on demand when instructed by an administrator using a  hypervisor . So what are the layers of the virtualized datacenter model? Network virtualization When you think about the way a virtualized datacenter abstracts the traditional components of a datacenter, the first component that must be virtualized is the networking component. Without being able to interconnect of all of your devices, you have a room full of computers that will be unable

Nilai Ekonomis Modular Data Center

Economics of Modular Data Centers 19 Feb 2014, Prerna Sharma, DATAQUEST The subject of modular data centers continues to be a source of widespread debate. Gurus are either in disagreement about the model of modular data centers or they may fail to reach consensus over its utility and return on investment. This is particularly the case when the discussion focuses on whether modular data centers offer relative cost advantages over traditional alternatives. There are many factors responsible for assessing the cost to deploy a data center. This holds true for both modular and traditional data centers. However, two key factors contributing to lower cost in building a modular DC are attributable to the lesser complexity on installation & commissioning and the enhanced energy efficiency. Modular data centers continue to grow in popularity, as evident by growing investment in modular technologies for computing within the DC. The trend started with achieving greater consolidatio

Kapan Anda perlu modular data center ?

Is Modular data center right choice for your company? 08 Jan 2014, Prerna Sharma, DATAQUEST Lots of discussion focuses on whether modular data centers offer relative cost advantages over traditional alternatives. However, two key factors contributing to lower cost in building a modular DC are attributable to the lesser complexity on installation & commissioning and the enhanced energy efficiency. Modular data centers are packaged in standard forms that include server racks, power and cooling units, redundant power supply hooks and networking gear that can help companies build out private clouds while keeping capital and operational costs low. Some companies require a quick build-out of a data center in situation like natural disasters or other emergencies. A modular data center can be fully functional in a pod-like form, and can be setup in a week's time. Here are some key factor to decide on modular data center Why Modular Data Center? 1. On-premise modular data c

Setup Synology NAS sebagai VMWare Server datastore

Salah satu produk menarik dan tidak terlalu mahal untuk Network Attached Storage adalah SYNOLOGY. Dan perangkat ini mendukung implementasi dengan VMWare. How to set up Synology NAS as VMware server datastore Overview A datastore is independent storage space for centralizing virtual machine's physical data. You could consolidate and share storage space to maximize storage utilization and simplify management with better flexibility by using Synology NAS as the VMware Datastore. This article will guide you through the process of using your Synology NAS as the datastore in your VMware environment. Contents Before you start Mount iSCSI Targets on VMware ESXi Setup iSCSI LUN as VMware Datastore 1. Before you start Before you start to share data within the Internet, make sure you have completed the following tasks: Hardware installation for Synology DiskStation. Software installation for Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM, web-based operating system of DiskStation).

Setting Datacenter standar dalam era IoT

Setting the datacenter standard in the IoT era 06 Jun 2014, Prerna Sharma, DATAQUEST In today's Internet of Things era where everything is connected to the Internet, the ever growing volume and variety of digital data has become the critical success factor that businesses come to rely on. According to experts, the industry is being transformed by platforms such as cloud, big data, mobility, and social businesses. Data explosions with these emerging platforms needs to be matched with solution that are deployed quickly, more flexible, out of the box, with maximum RoI and efficiency. "Infrastructure of datacenter is becoming more and more important and it is expected that in 2020 energy consumption of datacenter will increase. Our role is to find how we can improve DC infrastructure from end-to-end," says Philippe Arsonneau, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric, IT Business. To leverage big data they first need to ensure that their data centers are capable of