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TechRepublic : 8 data center predictions for 2020

Jack Wallen shares his thoughts about data centers and edge computing, Kubernetes, 5G, containers security, and more for the coming year. The data center is the heart of your business. Although your company lives and dies by its employees and products and/or services, IT can't deliver any level of functionality, reliability, and agility without your data center. What will 2020 bring for data centers? Let me gaze into my crystal ball and share what I think will be in store for the coming year. 1. Rise in edge computing Data Center Must-Reads Quantum computing: Seven truths you need to know How to select a data backup system Data recovery do's and don'ts for IT teams Server virtualization best practices and tips on what not to do More businesses are depending on Internet of Things (IoT) devices for a number of services; therefore, networking architecture must be rethought. With nearly every enterprise company using various forms of the cloud, they are