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10 Virtual appliances yang memudahkan pekerjaan Anda.

10 virtual appliances that can simplify your job

Takeaway: If you’ve never worked with virtual appliances, you owe it to yourself to check them out. Here are 10 good ones that will give you an idea of what they can do for you.
When you need to quickly deploy a server or test a server-based application, one of the best means of doing so is by using a virtual appliance. A virtual appliance is essentially a prebuilt virtual machine of a configured server that offers any number of features or services. There are virtual appliances for ERP, CRM, file serving, groupware, and just about every type of server you can think of. You can download complete operating systems or powerful services built on top of full-blown server OSes.
I have rounded up 10 of my favorite turnkey solutions, which you can download and load up into your favorite virtual machine host to deploy or test. Since there are hundreds upon hundreds of these types of tools available, I tried to offer a variety as well as list those that are readymade forVMware and VirtualBox.

1: LAMP stack

LAMP stack is for anyone who needs to quickly deploy a LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). This virtual appliance offers SSL support, PHP, Python and Perl support for Apache2 and MySQL, XCache (PHP opcode caching acceleration), PHPMyAdmin (Web-based front end for MySQL), Postfix MTA (mail server), and Webmin modules for configuring Apache2, PHP, MySQL, and Postfix. With this appliance, you can quickly test and roll out Web sites and services or test customized LAMP optimization.

2: Drupal appliance

Drupal is one of the finest CMS systems available. If you need proof, load up Drupal appliance and point your Web browser to the site. This Drupal appliance also offers numerous preinstalled modules, such as Views, CCK, Panels (drag-and-drop customized layouts for pages, nodes, and blocks), Backup and migrate, Devel (helper modules for Drupal module and theme developers), Drush (command-line shell and UNIX scripting interface), CKEditor (WYSIWYG editor), IMCE (image file uploader and browser), CAPTCHA, PathAuto (to auto-generate search engine friendly URLs), GlobalRedirect (alias 301 redirects), Webform (to create forms and questionnaires), and much more.

3: WordPress appliance

The WordPress appliance will help you get the world’s most popular blogging system up and running in moments. You will instantly have a WordPress server that is installed from upstream source code to /var/www/wordpress. Also included is an integrated upgrade mechanism, the ability to upload media such as images and videos, permalink configuration supported through an admin console, and automatic plugin upgrades.

4: Domain Controller appliance

The Domain Controller appliance is a Samba-based Windows domain controller server. This appliance is configured to support netlogon, network attached storage for domain users, roaming profiles, and PnP printing services. It includes a powerful Web interface to make configuring Samba and printing services a snap.

5: Zimbra appliance

The Zimbra appliance will have you up and running with a powerful groupware product that includes a Web-based collaboration suite, email and group calendars, advanced search capabilities with date relationships, online document authoring, and mashups. This appliance provides an incredible Ajax-based Web interface that supports tool tips, dragable items, and right-click menus.

6: OTRS appliance

The OTRS appliance is a powerful prebuilt ticket request system. It allows you to try out one of the finest help desk solutions on the market and includes a Postfix email system and Webmin modules for the configuration of the LAMP subsystem. Once it’s up and running, you can easily manage help desk requests originating from either email or phone calls.

7: Openfiler appliance

The Openfiler appliance will convert any standard x86/64 system into a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance or IP storage gateway. With this virtual appliance, you have easy access to all the tools to fit your growing storage needs. Openfiler also helps bridge the gap between platforms, easily allowing for storage from any OS or system.

8: Opsview Core Virtual Appliance

The Opsview Core Virtual Appliance is what you need if you’re looking for complete visibility of your IT infrastructure. Its integrated GUI enables you to quickly configure the tool. Opsview integrates with Nagios plugins to further extend the feature set. This appliance is ideal for application performance monitoring, network monitoring, and Windows, Linux and UNIX server monitoring in small to midsize environments.

9: FOG Project

FOG lets you clone a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 system. It uses TFTP and PXE and has a vast number of drivers built into the kernel. This system includes a graphical interface for changing the host name, and it enables you to restart the computer (if a task is created for it) and auto import hosts into the FOG database. It also installs printers and does simple snap-ins.

10: Moodle

Moodle is a BitNami stack that simplifies the deployment of Moodle. Moodle is a popular course management system that’s designed to help educators create online learning communities. Used in 175 countries, Moodle can scale from a single computer up to a 50,000-student university.

5 Virtual Appliances untuk bisnis

The five most useful virtual appliances for business

Takeaway: Choosing the right virtual appliance can solve major problems. Jack Wallen suggests five of his preferred app choices in this area.
The virtual appliance is one of those tools that not a lot of businesses are taking advantage of - though they should be. Not only do virtual appliances make it easy to get a specific system up and running, they allow this to be done in a cost effective and reliable way. Simply download the virtual appliance suited for your virtualization technology, boot it up and you are ready to go. In some cases you can run the appliance continually from the “live” appliance. In other cases you can do a complete virtual installation and have a permanent virtual system. Either way, the road to success is quick and painless.
I have found five virtual appliances perfectly suited for business. Each of them offers a powerful solution to a ‘common problem’.

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Five apps

1. Lampstack

Who doesn’t need a LAMP server? We’re talking Linux Apache MySQL PHP. Although to most the installation of a LAMP server is a no brainer (install Linux and then run a single command to install the rest), some don’t want to have to bother getting the operating system installed and then deal with the possibility of dependency issues. This particular LAMPstack has SSL support, Xchache, PHPMyAdmin, Postfix MTA, Webmin, and much more. The end result is a powerful web server ready to go.

2. Piwik

Businesses need analytics. It’s how we shift, grown, and initiate. If you’re looking for something similar to Google Analytics, but one something in house, Piwik is what you’re looking for. This virtual appliance will have you ready for real-time analytics about your website in no time. Piwik will provide insight into website visitors; search engines and keywords, languages, popular pages, and much more.

3. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM, one of the most powerful Human Resource Management tools, is available as a virtual appliance. Install this virtual appliance (or just test it pre-install), and you can enjoy employee information management, employee absence management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and many other HR management tools. What more do you want for your HR needs? How about one of the finest GUIs available for this sector of business? OrangeHRM makes managing human resources a snap; and this virtual appliance makes getting OrangeHRM as simple as booting a virtual machine.

4. OpenLDAP

I have often said, getting LDAP up and running is one of the most challenging tasks in the world of Linux and open source. That is no more. With the help of OpenLDAP you can have an LDAP server (complete with TLS support and phpLDAPadmin rolled in) in no time. Take the guesswork and challenge out of getting LDAP up and running with this amazing virtual appliance.

5. SimpleInvoices

What business doesn’t need an invoicing system? SimpleInvoices is a web-based invoicing system. But don’t let the name fool you - SimpleInvoices has plenty of features to offer, but in the end, it creates a system for invoicing that is simple to use. With this tool you can create, edit, manage, and track invoices as well as email invoices as PDFs to clients. You’ll enjoy the ability to export invoices to Word, Excel, PDF. SimpleInvoice offers multiple types of invoices, Paypal payment gateway support, and much more.

Bottom line

Virtual Appliances make the life of the IT admin incredibly easy. No longer will you spend your days getting complex systems up and running. Now these same systems are a matter of downloading, and booting. Yes, you do have to attach the virtual appliance to a virtual machine, but anyone who has used tools like VirtualBox or VMware, can do that in their sleep. Boot up one (or more) of these virtual appliances and see if it doesn’t make its way into your business immediately.

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Big Data Sudah Menghampiri Indonesia

Big Data Sudah Menghampiri Indonesia

Achmad Rouzni Noor II - detikInet

Jakarta - Jika melihat perkembangan trafik dan perangkat, bisa dikatakan Indonesia sedang menuju era big data, dimana storage berukuran hingga exabyte bahkan petabyte akan mulai mendominasi. Tren ini akan semakin cepat berkembang jika adopsi dari cloud computing berjalan mulus di Indonesia.

"Big data sudah di depan mata, salah satunya didorong oleh kian tingginya adopsi dari cloud computing," ujar penggagas Indonesian Cloud Forum, Teguh Prasetya kepada detikINET, Senin (19/11/2012).

Dalam pengertian teknis, big data didefinisikan sebagai sebuah problem domain dimana teknologi tradisional seperti relasional database tidak mampu lagi untuk melayani. Definisi big data yang dimaksud Teguh adalah volume, velositas, dan variasi datanya.

Peningkatan volume, velositas, dan variasi data banyak diakibatkan oleh adopsi internet dimana setiap individu memproduksi konten atau paling tidak meninggalkan sidik jari digital yang berpotensial untuk digunakan untuk hal-hal baru, dari audiens targeting, rekomendasi ataupun penggunaan yang lebih tak terduga.

Beberapa prinsip dari big data adalah tidak membuang data apapun karena residu tersebut mungkin akan menjadi penting sejalannya waktu. Berikutnya, real-time processing.

Sedangkan untuk menghadapi variasi data yang tinggi, big data menciptakan struktur melalui ekstraksi, transformasi, tanpa harus membuang data mentah yang dimiliki.

"Kami dari komunitas ingin mengedukasi big data ini ke masyarakat lewat diskusi 'Big Data Trend 2nd Round: Infrastructure and Demand Challenges' di Jakarta," ujarnya.

Teguh bilang, tujuan dari diskusi ini memberikan pemahaman dan kesepahaman antar pelaku bisnis dan pengguna tentang fenomena big data yang mulai menghinggapi Indonesia.

Direktur Eksekutif Indonesia ICT Institute Heru Sutadi menambahkan, secara tidak sadar tren big data sejatinya sudah akrab dengan para pengguna selama ini.

"Diskusi soal big data ini relevan sekali, agar kita bisa melihat kondisi big data sekarang dan ke depan, serta apa yang menjadi tantangan untuk dicari solusi bersama. Kami rencananya akan memaparkan kajian mengenai pandangan masyarakat tentang big data, ditambah fakta statistik untuk menjawab demand dan tantangannya," katanya.

Heru yang berbekal pengalaman menjabat sebagai regulator telekomunikasi di BRTI selama dua periode, turut memaparkan fenomena big data dalam industri telekomunikasi.

Trafik data seluler Telkomsel pada hari-H Lebaran 2012 lalu tercatat menghantarkan data sebesar 157 terabyte atau mengalami kenaikan hingga lebih dari 55% dibanding hari-hari biasa.

Di Indosat tersalurkan data sekitar 44.58 terabyte per hari, atau naik 26,9% dibandingkan bulan Juni 2012. Sementara di XL, layanan data yang terhantar sekitar 66-68 terabyte atau naik 19% dibanding trafik di hari biasa.

Maka, Heru pun meyakini jika melihat perkembangan trafik dan perangkat, bisa dikatakan Indonesia sedang menuju era big data. "Terlebih jika adopsi dari cloud computing berjalan mulus di Indonesia," pungkasnya.

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Cisco Songsong Era Virtual Desktop

Laporan dari Singapura

Cisco Songsong Era Virtual Desktop

Nala Edwin - detikInet


Singapura - Cisco memperkirakan perkembangan virtual desktop akan semakin pesat beberapa tahun ke depan. Diperkirakan 70 juta komputer desktop di perusahaan-perusahaan akan berubah menjadi virtual dekstop pada 2014.

"56 persen organisasi menginginkan desktop virtualization," kata Managing Director, Collaboration Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan Dinesh Malkani. Hal ini diungkapkan Dinesh dalam acara Cisco APJC Partner Led Network Event di Hotel Shangri-La, Singapura, Kamis (17/11/2011).

Tingginya minat pada virtual desktop bukan tanpa alasan. Teknologi ini dapat menghemat biaya karena usia penggunaan desktop bisa lebih lama. Desktop virtual juga dinilai lebih irit listrik dibandingkan komputer biasa. "Biaya untuk client devices juga lebih kecil," katanya.

Selain masalah biaya, virtual desktop juga memudahkan manajemen teknologi informasi sehingga ongkos instalasi dan perawatan bisa ditekan. "Biaya deployment, administrasi dan help desk bisa ditekan," katanya.

Dinesh mengatakan Cisco telah menyiapkan berbagai produk dan teknologi virtual desktop. Menurutnya, teknologi Cisco dalam virtual desktop memungkinkan pekerja dalam suatu perusahaan untuk meningkatkan kolaborasinya.

"Virtual desktop yang dikembangkan Cisco memungkinkan penggunanya untuk berkomunikasi melalui video, suara, instant messaging (IM) atau mengadakan conference," katanya.

Dinesh menjelaskan, teknologi video sudah banyak digunakan di perusahaan-perusahaan besar yang memiliki kantor di berbagai negara untuk berkomunikasi. Hal ini dilakukan karena lebih hemat dibanding harus datang ke negara tertentu untuk mengadakan pertemuan.

"Tantangan ke depan adalah bagaimana komunikasi melalui video ini bisa dilakukan dengan berbagai alat komunikasi seperti iPhone, iPad atau perangkat-perangkat lainnya dan Cisco telah memiliki teknologi ini," katanya.
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Kiosk Layanan Informasi

Kiosk sebagai pusat layanan mandiri untuk informasi perusahaan, sekolah, universitas, lembaga Anda

Hubungi kami untuk detailnya.

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