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PRTG untuk monitoring ruang server Smart City

Why Are We Making Cities Smart?         Everything seems smart these days: smart phones, smart homes, smart watches and smart cities. It seems humans are devising more and more “Things” to think for us. Does that mean humans will become more stupid? Whatever your stance on this, the technological advancement behind it is recognizably impressive. What Makes A City Smart? According to  Wikipedia , a city is smart if it integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and Internet of Things (IoT), in a secure fashion to manage its assets. The interconnectivity of these assets allows the city to monitor what’s going on in the city, how it’s evolving and how to enable a better quality of life. Examples of things monitored in smart cities are: Waste Management  – monitoring the fullness of public waste bins around the city, so they are only emptied when full (saving costs and reducing congestion). Parking Sensors  – these show you availability of parking s