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Pilih DCIM atau intellegence Patch Panel ?

Complete control of your IT infrastructure leads to faster incident response, cost savings, increased staff availability, and automation of routine tasks. But “control” involves much more than managing data connectivity and patch panels. All equipment should be documented and managed throughout its lifecycle to provide a total view of the data center’s physical infrastructure. Active patching solutions (“intelligent” patching) document patches on the active patch panel and focus on data connectivity management; away from active panels, however, these solutions provide management through paper work orders. This requires multiple manual updates, and is subject to error. DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) is an alternative to intelligent patch panels. Cormant-CS captures full information about the entire channel of connectivity, including infrastructure and assets. We’ve seen productivity and asset utilization increase by anywhere from 20% to 50% after deployment. Here are a f…

Microsoft akan 'membuang' UPS di data center

Microsoft Reinvents Datacenter Power Backup with New Open Compute Project Specification Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform Team 10 Mar 2015 11:05 AM 0 Guest post by Shaun Harris, Principal Hardware Engineer Microsoft has been designing, building and operating datacenters for over two decades and this experience has led to several key insights into driving efficiency at all levels of the datacenter design. This is why we chose to join the Open Compute Project (OCP) just over a year ago – to share our learnings with the community. Since joining, we have delivered the Open CloudServer (OCS) specification to the project, in addition to numerous other innovations. Today at the Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit, Microsoft continued its innovation with the announcement of the contribution of a novel distributed Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) technology, which we call Local Energy Storage (LES). We are excited to make this hardware innovation available to the OCP community so that its ben…

Monitoring Data Center terdistribusi dengan PRTG

Introduction White Paper
Remote Probes
Companies with multiple locations rely on a highly effcient IT infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of IT processes and reliable communication both internally (across company locations), as well as externally (with partners and customers). Ongoing monitoring is vital for multiple-location companies, as it enables them to keep a constant and close eye on the availability and bandwidth usage of locally distributed networks. This provides important information about the state of the networks and alerts IT staff when devices in the network are going to reach critical levels. This White Paper shows how network monitoring can be extended to additional locations, using PRTG Network Monitor and its use of remote probes as an example. The Probe Principle for Versatile Applications PRTG Network Monitor provides network monitoring out-of-the-box. The first monitoring results are available immediately after installation and auto-discovery. Neither addi…

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