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Huawei Launched New Smart Modular Data Center and Small SmartLi UPS Solutions

   Huawei introduced two new additions to its Smart Modular Data Center and SmartLi uninterruptible power supply (UPS) series –FusionModule2000 6.0, a modular small/medium-sized data center solution, and UPS2000-H, a small-footprint power supply solution running on SmartLi Mini, at Huawei's Sanyapo Campus in China, on November 11. These new solutions are designed to enable channel partners to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace while driving forward green digitalization for businesses in a cost-effective manner.   Mr. Fei Zhenfu, President of Huawei Data Center Facility Domain    "As an innovation-driven data center facility solution provider, we make great efforts to build and upgrade every product series to ensure customers competitiveness," said Mr. Fei Zhenfu, President of Huawei Data Center Facility Domain. "We aim to lead the market in the long run by securing competitive advantages of products comprehensively, driving product differentiation, and broade

Implementasi DCIM dengan AKCP

   The discipline of  controlling and optimizing  the operations and performance of your data center infrastructure through software  is known  as data center infrastructure management (DCIM) . Datacenter infrastructure management  is a broad topic that responds to the complexity of  IT infrastructure systems.   Let’s start with the fundamentals of this subject. The Complicated Datacenter Infrastructure Management Demands for  computing resources  have been evolving since corporate organizations embraced networked computing systems. In recent decades, scalability, performance,  security , and operational needs have compelled data center administrators to make frequent updates to the underlying infrastructure. New hardware replaces old as technology advances to meet the rising demands of cloud computing and  online streaming services,  while IT struggles to manage the  hybrid mix of new and older data center systems. A purpose-built enterprise-class  data center management  suite was re