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10 cara untuk membuat digital magazine

The top 10 ways to createdigital magazines By Martha Rotter on February 29, 2012 | 12 comments in

9 tools untuk bikin majalah untuk kelas Anda

So you want to create a digital magazine for your students but still did not find the right web tools to do so. Well now you can .  we have just finished reviewing some great web services that you can use with your students to create and publish highly customizable magazines and newspapers  for  your class.

I am pretty sure as you introduce the idea to your students everyone will want to have a say in their next e-magazine. There is nothing much more rewarding to students then to have a proof of their hard work recognized in a publication of some sort. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already published 7 Must Have Tools to Publish Students Work but today we are updating this list to include  new tools.

Most of the tools cited here are easy to use and have user friendly interface and they will let you create your own e-magazine or newspaper in few simple steps. Yet I would recommend your discretion as you use them with your students.

1- Uniflip

UniFlip converts your magazine…