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Five tips for using PowerPoint 2010 for online training

By Katherine Murray | February 25, 2011, 11:30 AM PST PowerPoint 2010 includes a great new broadcast feature that enables you to host virtual training sessions live on the Web, based on a PowerPoint presentation you create. The broadcasting is just part of the picture for successful training, though. This article introduces some ideas to help you engage your participants and improve your training over time. 1: Plan for engagement Think back to the best training session you've ever attended. What were the key elements? Chances are, the content was covered in bite-size chunks; there were plenty of illustrations to add color and visual interest; and the trainer kept you awake by asking questions, telling stories, and making the training relevant to your work or life. When you're offering online training, you don't have the benefit of seeing whether your participants are actually paying attention. Sure, if you're having a conference call you can hear who "seems" t

Membuat server WebCast

Sering ikut dalam webcast yang biasanya disediakan oleh Internet? Pernah terpikir untuk membuatnya? Ternyata sangat mudah ! 1. download software BroadCam Streaming Video Server dan klik install. ( ) 2. setelah aplikasi terpasang, ikuti setting untuk mengenali input-input yang ada, seperti webcam 3. kita perlu sedikit setup untuk koneksi agar bisa diakses dari Internet. Kita bisa menggunakan IP yang disediakan oleh ISP, atau menggunakan dynamic dns untuk pointing ke server/komputer kita. 4. Kemudian setelah OK, klik Connect button dari main interface dan sebuah web page akan terbuka di browser kita. Broadcam akan menyediakan link-link dari broadband listereners, termasuk link URL / HTML code yang bisa diakses. 5. Setelah siap, kita juga bisa merekam melalui web camera yang ada. Juga dapat mengundang orang lain (klik Invite). selamat mencoba. Untuk kebutuhan mengenai software NCH Software, kami siap membantu Anda. Kontak ka