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Solusi Backup Server dan Komputer untuk Edukasi

Education Ideal solution for students and faculty
Genie Timeline features and how they benefit students and faculty:
Continuous Data Protection: Data is continuously backed up depending on file types. Students and faculty will not have to worry about scheduling or safeguarding their data.Simplicity: Easy to use backup solution with little to no learning curve. Genie Timeline’s user interface is very simple and innovative and can be used by everyone.Portable Device Support: Supports iPad/iPod/iPhone backups.24 Hour Disaster Recovery: Restore your system and data even if your operating system no longer loads. Students and faculty can rely on Genie Timeline to restore their system when a disaster occurs.Backup on the Go: Monitors changes while drive is disconnected; resumes once reconnected without any intervention. Laptops/computers can be relocated or moved around at any time without having to worry about the backup.Performance: Runs in different performance modes for optimal speed wit…

Buat Bahan e-Learning Video dengan BBFlashBack

RecordingAdvanced TechnologyBB FlashBack can record high frame rate, high quality movies without affecting PC performance, even on lower powered PCs.
Our users have succeeded in recording large animations that other screen recorders struggled with.WebCam RecordingGive your movies the personal touch. Make an appearance with a picture-in-picture webcam recording. One click, and BB FlashBack records from the webcam while it records the screen.
SoundRecord a commentary at the same time as the screen. It's easy to record the microphone, PC speakers or other sources.Continuous RecordingIdeal for usability testing, monitoring and similar applications, BB FlashBack lets you record forever but limit the movie file size.Easy To Use and Always ReadyBB FlashBack lives in your icon tray or floating above the desktop, so its always available.
The easy to use window shows you just the options you need.
Record Windows 7 and VistaThe BB FlashBack screen recorder is fully Vista and 7 compatible - captu…

Bagaimana membuat bahan e-learning dengan PowerPoint ?