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Sudahkah Anda membuat Akses aman ke data center untuk partner / supplier Anda ?

Partner access: Balancing security and availability Joel Dubin, Contributor Whenever outsiders -- partners or vendors -- are granted access to corporate systems, another wrinkle is added to the already complicated paradigm that is enterprise identity and access management. An organization needs to make sure outsiders have access to key systems and data so business runs smoothly and profitably. But, at the same time, care must be taken to ensure unwanted or hostile intruders aren't gaining malicious access into corporate systems. In reality, secure partner access is just an extension of existing access management for mobile and remote employees -- but with a few twists. Employees are already enrolled in the organization's directory service, whether   Active Directory, LDAP or some other system . They're company insiders who are already part of the network, not outsiders from another network with a different IT security set up. So, how should an organization ensure

Buat standar keamanan data center Anda

Set data center security standards to harmonize IT, business goals IT operations teams and security teams often are at battle. Data center security standards can largely affect the people who run the systems. Tighten security too much and administrators can't do their jobs. Application and systems programmers need authority to operate the system and to detect and fix problems. At the same time, corporations must guard against unauthorized distribution of customer, employee or other confidential information. In the interest of  availability , enterprises restrict the chances of anyone making arbitrary, unscheduled or malicious changes. So, how do shops reconcile protecting data and availability while maintaining suitable access for technical support?  Data centers have several choices in  identity management , including group logon IDs, firecall IDs and alternate IDs. Let's take a look at each security measure and any associated issues. Group logon IDs.  Some s