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Mencegah titik panas (hotspot) data center dengan temperature monitoring

Robert McFarlane Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC
Cooling failures and overheated servers have even worse consequences than power failures in most mission-critical data centers. A well-maintained uninterruptible power supply should keep servers operating until generators kick in, power is restored or an orderly shutdown occurs. But in today's world of high-density hardware and elevated operating temperatures, a cooling failure -- even with supposedly redundant air conditioners -- can cause server crashes in seconds. Use data center temperature monitoring to avoid data center hot spots that lead to early hardware failures and unexplainable data errors. How data center hot spots occur Hot spots are insidious; they can unknowingly creep up on you until equipment starts to fail or strange data anomalies appear. If you add or move equipment around without real knowledge of the room's cooling capacities, hot spots can occur. In nearly every data center, cooling capacities vary at differe…

Standar Suhu Diruang Server

Standar Suhu Diruang ServerPengetahuan Umum Standar suhu diruang server, server merupakan sebuah sistem komputer yang menyediakan jenis layanan tertentu dalam sebuah jaringan komputer. Server didukung dengan prosesor yang bersifat scalable dan RAM yang besar,dan juga dilengkapi dengan sistem operasi khusus, yang disebut sebagai sistem operasi jaringan. Server juga menjalankan perangkat lunak administratif yang mengontrol akses terhadap jaringan dan sumber daya yang terdapat di dalamnya contoh seperti halnya berkas atau pencetak, dan memberikan akses kepada stasiun kerja anggota jaringan. Kehandalan server tidak hanya terletak pada kecanggihan teknologi server yang digunakan namun juga dipengaruhi oleh faktor external server itu sendiri, yakni faktor suhu didalam ruangan serta kelembaban ruangan di dalam ruangan server. lebih jauh lagi bila keperluan server terus bertambah sementara luas ruangannya yang juga terbatas. Standar Suhu Diruang Server Beberapa hal yang perlu diketahui pada ru…

Why multi-cloud has to be the end game

Why multi-cloud has to be the end game 1 June 2018By Mark Baker, Canonical
Analyst firm 451 Research estimates that 69% of enterprises will be running hybrid IT environments by 2019, while Gartner predicts that 90% of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities by 2020. Hybrid is clearly here to stay, but it’s not the only cloud trend garnering the attention of CIOs and CTOs around the world. In recent months, it has been overtaken by its close relative ‘multi-cloud’, with 79% of businesses already admitting to working with more than one cloud provider. As such, it is widely considered to be the future of cloud computing, opening up new opportunities for innovation, such as enabling organisations to ‘fail fast’ and rapidly roll out new services to customers. As the name suggests, multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple cloud vendors and providers within a business architecture - across a mix of public and private platforms - thereby enabling organisations …

Job Desc IT Outsourcing and Managed Services

Job Desc IT Outsourcing and Managed Services Head / Manager :

Design and deliver support and service solutions for Manages Service customers in line with ITIL and/or industry best practice

Monitoring the effectiveness of the team against SLA/KPI‟s, driving through change as needed to deliver continual service improvement

Ensure operational procedures and practices are well defined, documented and consistently applied

Instil a high performance culture in the team with a focus on team work, service excellence and ownership for resolving customer issues

Identifying and implementing change within the team to ensure it can take on new service offerings

Create project plans, design, and implement solutions including contribute proactively to new service development

Set and cascade business objectives and targets to the team

Manage and develop strategic partnerships with third party suppliers and other internal stakeholders

Provide input into the divisional strategy with particular focus int…