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AKCP membantu COVID-19 Test Kit Monitoring

COVID-19 Test Kit Monitoring Ensure correct storage temperatures for testing kits Temperature and Humidity Generator and solar power monitoring Centralized monitoring Alerts, graphs and reports Wired and Wireless sensors Monitoring a medical emergency COVID-19 Pandemic The Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 is sweeping the globe, overloading health care systems and disrupting global trade. AKCP bring 30+ years of experience in the monitoring business to the table to assist in managing this crisis. How can AKCP help? Already, hospitals around the world are preparing for the pending epidemic. With cases rising daily, they will continue to increase, overwhelming the health care system. Drive through testing centers are being rapidly deployed in countries around the world for non-contact, fast and efficient testing. The testing kits must be stored at a specific temperature range in order to ensure accurate results. It is essential to monito