Saturday, September 13, 2014

5 hal tentang data center yang harusnya diketahui Admin

5 Facts about Datacenters Every Administrator Should Know

Being knowledgeable about datacenter basics will help you solidify your technical career. Datacenters large and small operate on a certain set of principles that can be easily adhered to in order to make the most of your time. Any downtime is unacceptable in many business leaders’ eyes therefore building out or leasing reliable datacenter infrastructure is the key to being successful in your technical endeavors.
Downtime Costs $5,000 per minute
Sometimes more and sometimes less depending upon the industry but most businesses that have the need for a datacenter need the services for the exact reason of having to be up and running at all times due to business demands. ThePonemon Institute is credited with coming up with this number representing the cost of datacenter downtime.
Older Servers May Use Less Power
Although data centers themselves are getting greener, the newer datacenters utilize more powerful hardware which may outperform older hardware significantly while taking up more power resources. This may come as a surprise to datacenter veterans who are touching newer datacenter hardware for the first time.
Having HVAC Experience Helps
Most technical related career paths do not take the time of teaching you the basic principles of HVAC. Knowing the basics of HVAC will help you as you build out onsite private datacenters. Keeping your equipment properly cooled is essential to running an efficient datacenter and many datacenter administrators have to learn HVAC terms and basics on the fly when negotiating contracts with vendors. Knowing how to troubleshoot HVAC systems could save you a hefty contractor bill should you encounter a minor issue that require an HVAC tech to come on site to fix.
Datacenters as a Service: Welcome to the new age
Facilities as a Service as they are being dubbed are modular datacenters that can be quickly connected to electricity and cooling equipment while having the bare metal servers inside the datacenter ready to be spun up and staged with whatever cloud or virtualization suite you see fit. Datacenter administrators can order prefabbed modular datacenters that fit the exact specifications of the client.
Computing Loads are Unpredictable
That’s what your professor never told you in your computer science 101 class. If humans had perfect control over computational needs, many of the challenges we face as a human race could be solved. That just isn’t feasibly possible in every scenario. The computing loads that your end users place on the system is totally unpredictable due to the amount of moving parts that are present within most organizations. The best tip is to reduce the amount of moving parts whenever possible in order to reduce the effects of spiking computing loads.


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