Sunday, August 1, 2021

AKCP Monitors The Lubbock 911 Call Centers

 AKCP, the world’s oldest and largest supplier of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions, has supplied a monitoring system for the Lubbock, Texas, 9-1-1 call centers.

The Lubbock Emergency Communication District is responsible for providing 24/7 call availability too all 9-1-1 call centers in the county. The data center, located at the Lubbock emergency communication district, receives all 9-1-1 calls. These are distributed to one of 9 public safety answering points throughout the county. The data center also serves as the connection for SMS to 9-1-1 services.

THS00 installed at Lubbock 911 call center
AKCP Dual Temperature and Humidity Sensor installed in Lubbock 9-1-1 data center

Due to the essential nature of these communications, up-time of the data center is crucial. Lubbock Emergency Communications selected AKCP monitoring devices as a reliable, industry proven technology. Dual temperature and humidity sensors and sensorProbe2+ devices were installed at cabinets housing 9-1-1 call processing equipment. Additional sensors were installed that monitor the overall data center temperature and humidity.

The monitoring system proved its worth during the winter of 2021. Severe cold weather conditions hit Texas. Temperatures were so low that external ACU compressors were freezing up and shutting down. The data center operations were being managed remotely at the time. On several occasions the AKCP temperature sensors alerted operations staff allowing them to respond minutes before the 9-1-1 call processing equipment overheated and shut down.

AKCP THS01 and SP2+ monitoring Lubbock 911 call center
AKCP sensorProbe2+ with dual temperature and humidity sensor installed in Lubbock 9-1-1 cabinet

Due to the success of the current installation, Lubbock Emergency Communication District are expanding the installation of AKCP monitoring systems to other 9-1-1 call center locations in the county.

AKCP wired and Wireless Tunnel monitoring system is available now.

Contact for more details.

AKCP established in the USA in 1981, has 30+ years experience in professional sensor solutions. AKCP created the market for networked temperature, environmental and power monitoring in the data center. Today with over 150 employees and 200,000 installations, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked wired and wireless sensor solutions


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