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25 Penyedia / Produk Private Cloud

25 Private Cloud Computing Vendors to Consider

Building a private cloud is often the first step in cloud computing for many organizations. A private cloud is designed to offer the same features and benefits of public cloud systems, but removes a number of objections to the cloud computing model because it is implemented within the corporate firewall under the control of the IT department.

25 Private Cloud Vendors to Consider

Many major vendors and small cloud providers have a private cloud offering that is available for on-premises deployment or available as a secure hosted offering ("managed cloud services").
Here's a list of 30 vendors, platforms and service providers you can research for your own private cloud project:
Extending the Data Center to the Cloud
  1. Abiquo Private Cloud Solutions
  2. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
  3. BlueLock Virtual Private Clouds
  4. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management
  5. CA Technologies Cloud Solutions
  6. Cisco Private Cloud solutions
  7. Citrix CloudPlatform (Open Source)
  8. CloudStack (open source software)
  9. Dell Cloud Solutions
  10. Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (Acquired by Virtustream)
  11. Eucalyptus Cloud Platform
  12. GoGrid cloud hosting platform
  13. IBM SmartCloud Foundation
  14. Microsoft Private Cloud
  15. Nimbula
  16. Novell Cloud Manager
  17. OpenNebula (Open Source Project)
  18. OpenStack (Open Source Software)
  19. Piston Cloud Computing (Enterprise OpenStack)
  20. Rackspace Private Cloud (Powered by OpenStack)
  21. Red Hat Cloud
  22. Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Solutions
  23. SUSE Cloud (Powered by OpenStack)
  24. TierraCloud
  25. VMware Private Cloud Computing
With the idea of building a private cloud a daunting proposition for many companies, the best advice for how to build a private cloud is to start small and then continue to grow the cloud computing project over time. Learn more about private cloud projects in this Webopedia definition.

Webopedia's Cloud Computing Glossary

From planning a private cloud project to finding an online cloud storage provider, Webopedia's A-Z Cloud Computing Glossary will help you understand the language that has surfaced around the topic of cloud computing. 


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