Friday, June 6, 2014

Setting Datacenter standar dalam era IoT

Setting the datacenter standard in the IoT era

06 Jun 2014, Prerna Sharma, DATAQUEST
In today's Internet of Things era where everything is connected to the Internet, the ever growing volume and variety of digital data has become the critical success factor that businesses come to rely on. According to experts, the industry is being transformed by platforms such as cloud, big data, mobility, and social businesses. Data explosions with these emerging platforms needs to be matched with solution that are deployed quickly, more flexible, out of the box, with maximum RoI and efficiency.
"Infrastructure of datacenter is becoming more and more important and it is expected that in 2020 energy consumption of datacenter will increase. Our role is to find how we can improve DC infrastructure from end-to-end," says Philippe Arsonneau, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric, IT Business.
To leverage big data they first need to ensure that their data centers are capable of facilitating the transmission, processing, streaming and storage of the burgeoning information. With this demand scenario in the mind, Schneider Electric introduced StruxureWare Data Center operation v7.4, which provides new capabilities and access to actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the data center life cycle. As part of Schneider Electric's DCIM solution, StruxureWare will optimize colocation management, power monitoring and network management helping data center and facility managers free up power capacity, right- size physical infrastructure and integrate with existing DCIM systems, thereby reducing capital and operational expenses.

"Their are lot of solutions available in the market.The DCIM solution provided by us has a whole range of offering with other solution providers like Summit Energy, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, VmWare, Cisco, Vigilent, etc," says Andrew Sylvester, Software Manager, Data Center Software Solution, Asia Pacific, Schneider Electric, IT Business.
To strengthen their footprint in DC infrastructure offerings Schneider Electric also unveiled its prefabricated data centers comprising All-in-One configurations, Power skids and modules, cooling and Hydronics modules and IT modules. "Today when you build a data center you have to think about cooling capacity or from where data cable is coming from. But with prefab data center all these worries are moved out of the window" says Pankaj Sharma, Vice President, East Asia Zone, IT Business, Schneider Electric.
The company believes that datacenter managers looking to optimize deployment speed, performance, reliability, and cost can observe various benefits like:
Pre-engineered and wired with integrated hardware and software, manufactured and tested in a factory
Arrives on-site ready to deploy quickly and easily
Enables a new-generation of datacenters with multiple levels of densities, criticalities, and voltages
Multiple form factors and power ranges, inside or outside deployment
Building blocks used independently or together to form a datacenter solution
Prefab Datacenter allows the planning cycles to switch from an onsite construction focus to onsite integration of these prefabricated building blocks.
(The author was hosted in Singapore by Schneider Electric)

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