Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kapan Anda perlu modular data center ?

Is Modular data center right choice for your company?

08 Jan 2014, Prerna Sharma, DATAQUEST
Lots of discussion focuses on whether modular data centers offer relative cost advantages over traditional alternatives.
However, two key factors contributing to lower cost in building a modular DC are attributable to the lesser complexity on installation & commissioning and the enhanced energy efficiency.
Modular data centers are packaged in standard forms that include server racks, power and cooling units, redundant power supply hooks and networking gear that can help companies build out private clouds while keeping capital and operational costs low.
Some companies require a quick build-out of a data center in situation like natural disasters or other emergencies. A modular data center can be fully functional in a pod-like form, and can be setup in a week's time. Here are some key factor to decide on modular data center
Why Modular Data Center?
1. On-premise modular data centers can give much better control on management and security compared to co-location DC. The deployment and commissioning services are also standardized to meet the needs of an
average customer.
2. Modular DC certainly provides lower power consumption compared to traditional DC. It is a clear advantage is for the customer who can deploy more computing without additional power capacity augmentation.
3.Certain modular DC providers have the capability to design data centers on Tier 3 standards to ensure near 100% uptime.
4.Like traditional DC, the modular data center can also scale out to the ever growing compute demand in future and also support 24x7 business operations.

5.Last but not the least, a clear advantage that can be defined for a modular data center is to have a central management solution for a single console management of the entire infrastructure with regard to deployment, periodic monitoring and maintenance, upgradations, and third party component integration.
Though the acceptability for modular data centers is higher in countries like Russia, France, UK, and Brazil, the market is nascent in India but holds the potential to emerge as a fast growing geography in the future. Since
the overall solutions meet the demand for a converged and secure DC facility, customers are choosing modular data centers as the preferred option for infrastructure expansion as well as business continuity.


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