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Monitor PUE & Lower Energy Bills with AKCP

Monitor energy usage in server cabinets.

AKCP monitors energy consumption and automatically calculates the efficiency of server room cabinets. Using efficiency data, you can make calculated changes to the way your server room works. Optimize your infrastructure and save money in the process.
30% of servers are under utilized costing approximately $4000 USD per year in excess cooling and electrical costs. *An Uptime Institute Study

Benchmark and monitor PUE in real time.

Measuring the power consumed by IT and non-IT power enables operators to benchmark and compare power consumption from a single or distributed deployment through Power Usage Effectiveness or PUE calculations.
Evaluate future cost-saving measures using the initial PUE benchmark. PUE and other server room metrics can be tracked over time to help identify server room issues and opportunities for cost savings.

Automatic PUE calculations.

AKCP calculate PUE values using data polled from numerous devices. A real time PUE value can be displayed rack by rack or for an entire server room.
Did you know?
Many SMEs use wire closet deployments instead of a single server room. Wire closet rooms are less energy efficient with typical PUE values of 2.5. * A study by Berkeley Lab, Improving Energy Efficiency for Server Rooms and Closets.

PUE cost savings : Server Room vs Wire Closet

An IT administrator for a medium sized company has 10 servers, each consuming 500W. A cost comparison can be drawn between a using a wire closet setup and server room configuration using PUE calculations. 
Typical PUE ValueServer Room Power Consumption (kW)Total Power Consumption of IT and Infrastructure (kW)Estimated Monthly Costs ($/Month)Monthly Savings if consolidated to a server room
Server Room2510876
Wire Closet2.5512.51095219
This example assumes the cost of electricity is $0.12 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).
While the servers are using the same amount of energy, the costs associated with powering the room varies based on the PUE efficiency of the cooling and power infrastructure. By consolidating server racks to a central server room location you can better control cooling help to save on operating costs from day one.
Monitoring the power consumed by IT and non-IT infrastructure is a crucial element of an IT deployment.

Additional Features

  • Full customization of graphs, widgets and colors is supported. Drag and Drop graphs, widgets and event summaries to AKCess Pro Server DCIM desktops. Export graphs as CVS, XLS documents and PNG files.
  • Multi-point installation. Install at distribution outlets, at rack level or at CRAC level.
  • Integrate third part systems using AKCP virtual sensors
  • Monitor phase line voltages, current, power factor, active energy and active power.
  • Setup Virtual Sensor desktops and monitor your entire server room infrastructure. 
  • Virtual Sensors can be monitored locally on an AKCP Platform or the AKCess Pro Server DCIM.
  •  Create SNMP Get, Custom Scripts, MODBUS TCP, PING and Multiple (Boolean) Virtual Sensors.
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About AKCP
AKCP established in 1981, created the market for networked environmental, power and security monitoring solutions. Today, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP enabled networked temperature, environmental, power, security and access control monitoring equipment with over 120,000 systems preventing disaster and monitoring infrastructure.
AKCP created and still defines the market for network based environmental and security monitoring solutions. By setting the standards for technical achievement and innovation AKCP remains at the head of the field and is the industry standard in the field of SNMP server room temperature monitoring.

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